Andrew Meyer

Computer Engineer

Technical Skills

C (embedded)
C (application)
Python 3
ARM/Thumb 2 Assembly
GNU toolchains
Linux epoll

Professional Experience

Tesla, Inc. (Vehicle Software/Bootloaders)
August 2021-Now

Leading improvements in critical production and internal development tools.

Supporting Over-The-Air updates on ECUs across all Tesla platforms.

Supporting prototype efforts on resource-constrained, real-time systems using uncommon architectures.

Platform expert on various mcus: RH850, RL78, S32K1, MLX16, TLE986, KEA.

Working with remote teams and vendors in multiple countries including China, India, and Belgium.

Apple, Inc. (Mac Platform Bringup Engineer)
Jun-Dec 2018, May-Aug 2019

Wrote a comprehensive decoding tool & framework for Intel Machine Check Exceptions.

Enhanced remote and offline debug in PEI & DXE UEFI boot stages.

Spearheaded Python 3 conversion efforts. Wrote support code and new frameworks for several teams.

Enacted overhauls of build system code for improved speed and testability.

Pushed development efforts on Xcode build speed and flexibility improvements.

Assured Information Security (Machine Learning Intern)
May-Sept 2017

Worked as a machine learning engineer and researcher for a security contract.

Developed a verification and identification architecture for soft biometrics.

Patents: US 107682259 B2, US 10768260 B2

Notable Works

Fast, light data structures in ANSI C

The missing #include for C - a modern, easy to use set of data structures essential to application development.

Includes an array, two sets, and a hashmap all built on a common memory management structure.

Written in plain C for maximum portability and speed. No external dependencies. 92% code coverage.

Source Code

Links to source code and design are available at the addresses in the header.

Autonomous Search and Rescue Drones

Senior Design project foucsed on the development of a fixed-wing autonomous aircraft to ease search and rescue missions by removing the need for helicopter search teams.

Links to source code and design are available at the addresses in the header.

Online Resume and Portfolio

Web Technology is not something I have formal training in, but have learned of my own accord.

Links to source code and design are available at the addresses in the header.


Master of Science
June 2022

Rochester Institute of Technology

Thesis Topic: Adversarial Robustness & Generalization in Image Classification with Deep Neural Networks.

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Bachelor of Science
May 2021

Rochester Institute of Technology

Minor in Mathematics.